Failure Analysis

Metallurgical and Failure Analysis

When production parts fail or machine tools jam, manufacturers need answers quickly. Was it the machine or the material? Titan’s experience in a steel production environment is deep and our expertise is great. With all the tools at our command our metallurgists can examine samples from a failure and provide fast, authoritative analyses of what went wrong.

Many of the most common material flaws can be seen under a microscope, so a microstructure analysis is often the first step. If that does not provide a definitive answer, Titan can test the chemical and mechanical properties of a failed piece. Laboratory technicians can also conduct ultrasound tests while on site.

Titan metallurgists are experts in the following areas:
  • Steel making
  • Hot rolling
  • Cold drawing
  • Cold, hot, and warm forging
  • Heat treating - all types
  • Machining
  • Phosphate coating
  • Acid pickling
  • Plating