Chemistry Testing

Titan Metallurgy conducts two categories of chemistry testing

  • Optical Spectrometry – ASTM E415
  • Carbon / Sulfur Analysis – ASTM E1019

Optical Spectrometry

Optical spectrometry is based on the way electrons behave within a metal sample when a strong electric current is applied to it. Using the different wavelengths of light emitted from the sample, the percent of each element can be calculated.

Titan Metallurgy uses a laboratory spectrometer capable of analyzing 23 elements. We can also conduct spectrometry at your site using portable test equipment capable of analyzing 15 elements including Carbon (C), Sulfur (S), and Phosphorus (P).

Spectrometric Sorting

spectometric sorting

If you have steel inventory and don’t know what grade it is, we can use our spectrometers to identify the composition of individual bars or batch and sort them for you.




Carbon/Sulfur Analysis

carbon sulfur analysis

Carbon/Sulfur analysis is based on the way carbon and sulfur combine with oxygen as a small sample is burned via an electric current in a carefully controlled environment. By measuring the emission gasses, the percentages of carbon and sulfur in the sample can be determined very precisely.

Titan Metallurgy conducts its analyses with a carbon and sulfur detector accurate to one one-thousandth weight percent, or 0.00x wt %.