Titan Metallurgy’s technicians use high quality, precision instruments to ensure a level of testing accuracy that you would expect from an A2LA accredited laboratory. These are a few examples. Please contact us if you would like to visit for a demonstration.

Mechanical Testing

Titan Tinius Olsen

Our Tinius Olsen tensile machine is capable of pulling samples with 60,000 lb. of force.






Titan Instron Rockwell

Our Instron Rockwell hardness tester provides certified results on both the Rockwell B and C scales. We also operate a Tinius Olsen 3,000 lb. tester to measure hardness on the Brinell scale.

Read more about our mechanical testing here.



Chemistry Testing

titan chemistry testing

Samples at the laboratory are analyzed with our 23-element Spectro lab spectrometer and a Leco combustion carbon and sulfur analyzer. For field work we run a Spectro portable spectrometer that provides analysis of up to 15 elements, including carbon, sulfur and phosphorous. Read more about our chemical analysis capabilities here.



Failure and Microstructure Analysis

titan microstructure analysis



Our microscopes provide clear digital images at magnifications of up to 1000x and, in the hands of our highly-trained technicians, are some of our most effective analysis tools. Our metallurgy experts know what to look for and how to interpret what they see. Read more about our failure and metallurgical analyses here.



Non-destructive Ultrasound Testing


The portable Sonatest250 instrument is a great addition to our analytical arsenal. Our certified ultrasound testing technicians carry it with them to customers' facilities where they use it to conduct non-destructive tests on steel bar stock. The Sonatest250 is used to identify voids or other irregularities under the surface.

Read more about Titan’s UT testing here.


Sample Preparation

titan sample preparation

Titan has invested in CNC machine tools, including a Mazak Quick Turn Smart 200 and Mazak Vertical Center Nexus 510C/50II to speed the preparation of samples, particularly from large-diameter stock.