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I started my career in the steel industry working in an internal metallurgical lab at an Indiana steel mill. One of my tasks was testing samples to determine if flaws in parts were caused by mill errors or were due to problems in forging or milling. Inevitably, a case crossed my desk from Eaton Steel Bar, the company my family owns. I ran the required tests, but they didn't go Eaton Steel's way. As my father tells the story, he saw the results and fumed a bit at what it might cost the company, but when he saw who ran the test, he said simply, "I know the results are accurate -- my son signed the report."

Jeff Goodman

We laugh when we retell this story, but we also know that every test we conduct at Titan Metallurgy represents the integrity of the company, just like that test long ago represented the integrity of its owners. That's why our first priority when we launched the business was to earn the A2LA certification -- the highest standard in the industry. It's why we supported our technician team as every member earned certification in non-destructive ultrasound testing. And it's why we are continuously investing to maintain and upgrade our equipment and personnel skills. 

At Titan Metallurgy we recognize the importance of getting the test right and reporting results with integrity. We are not just in the testing business, we are in the steel business, so we know first-hand the consequences when a steel bar doesn't hit the mark in its chemical composition, structure, or hardness. We work as though lives and livelihoods depend on it, because they do.

Jeff Goodman
Founding Director, Titan Metallurgy